Shari Luxury Escort



Our world has changed with the ongoing threat of Covid-19. As we move through this next stage of living with the virus, we need to recognize that a new normal is necessary for us to remain healthy and safe. I am thankful for the trusted friends I see on a regular basis and those of you who wish to see me for the first time that share the need for caution. I am carefully selecting those with whom I choose to spend time and hope that you’re doing the same. Until the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, I am adding the following additional precautions to my screening process.

Covid-19 Additional Precautions

  • For the time being, I will not be accepting appointments from clients asking to see me shortly after arriving here by air. If you have flown to Minnesota recently, I ask that you wait until after you’ve been here for at least two weeks and have exercised as much social distancing as possible during that time to get together with me.
  • I am a very low volume escort and am most comfortable with those of you who are low volume clients as well. Please allow at least two weeks to pass since seeing any other escort or massage provider before scheduling time to be with me.
  • The day before our scheduled appointment, please check in with me via email to confirm our date and that we’ve both been free of any Covid-19 symptoms in the prior two weeks.
  • Upon arrival, please use the bathroom directly to wash your hands for at least twenty seconds and then hop into the shower. This will be the best way to make sure the virus doesn’t take a ride on you to our date and besides … its sexy for me for you to be squeaky clean.
  • After we meet, I ask that if you become sick or develop symptoms within 48 hours, that you please inform me and I will do the same. Because of possible contact tracing during the pandemic, I understand you may not want to name me as a person with whom you’ve spent time and I will do the same by not mentioning you. But please do the responsible thing and keep me updated if you’re developing symptoms or feeling unwell.

Most importantly, keep yourself as safe as you can by practicing social distancing, washing your hands frequently, and avoiding high risk environments in anticipation of seeing me. This new normal is definitely inconvenient. But I believe that these extra precautions will allow us both to enjoy a sexy and safe experience together in these challenging times.


Our time together .......

 I will never compromise my safety or yours for any reason. I discreetly and thoroughly screen all new friends. Please expect provider references, p411 okays, TER whitelists, or employment information to be requested for verification purposes.

Please respect my time and I will do the same for you. If for some reason you are delayed or simply running behind, please contact me and let me know. I will also grant you the same courtesy.

Showing your appreciation .......

The best way to show your appreciation is to enjoy the time you spend with me and make plans to see me again. If you really do wish to share something with me on our date ......  I love flowers, lavender soy candles, white wine, a massage from you or if we are celebrating a special occasion, a bottle of Vueve Clicquot champagne!